Terms & Conditions

The RPCV Mentoring Program community was created to be a safe and comfortable space to connect, learn and share ideas and resources.

By joining the site you agree to the following conditions:

* I will behave responsibly and respectfully towards all members of the RPCV Mentoring Program, respecting their values and viewpoints as well as their rights and feelings.

* I will work with other community members to ensure that the RPCV Mentoring Program embraces diversity and is welcoming to new participants and ideas.

* I will respect the privacy and security of the other community members and will not share confidential information with any outside parties.

* To keep the community safe, I will never share my username or password. I will also keep private the names, phone numbers and contact information of all members of this community. I promise to keep this a safe space free from language which is vulgar, discriminatory or incendiary and activities which are illegal.

* When using any NPCA or Peace Corps materials posted to the community, I will use them only for educational purposes, not alter their content and credit NPCA or Peace Corps.

* I will work with the other RPCV Mentoring Program members to make fair and reasonable decisions. I will do my best to see that decision making includes representation of those who are directly affected by its outcome.

* I agree to resolve conflict constructively when differences of opinion and conflict occur.

* I understand that every member of this community is entering into this same agreement and that we all have a stake in making sure that it is observed and enforced. My behavior towards other members of this community will reflect that I am abiding by this agreement.

* I acknowledge that if a body of my peers or staff member concludes that I have repeatedly and willfully violated this agreement, my right to participate in this community can be suspended or terminated.

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