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Volunteer Testimonials

"They told me it would be hard but I never realized how hard it would be until I got home. My mentor made a world of difference."

- Mentee, Ecuador 2006

"It was incredibly satisfying to reconnect with the Peace Corps community."

- Mentor, Nepal 1982

Mentor Program

Bet you’ve got some questions. Here are some answers...

Do I qualify?
All returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have been back at least a year from service are eligible.

Why do mentors get so much out of this program?
Mentors have the opportunity to:

What kind of time commitment does this program require?
For the most part, that’s up to you. Both mentors and mentees commit to participation for a minimum of four months, with a minimum of two hours committed to the program over at least three contacts. Face-to-face contact is encouraged, but
online and telephone communication is acceptable.

How do you match up mentors/mentees?
Start by filling out a simple survey! To the extent possible, matches are made based on priorities expressed by both the mentor and the mentee, such as geographical location and country of service.

What mentorship tools will the Peace Corps and NPCA give me?
An electronic toolkit, including a Career Resource Manual, list of Peace Corps’ medical, psychological, financial and administrative resources, relevant story-telling material from Country of Service Trainer’s Kit and much more.

How do I join the program?
Click here!

What if I have more questions?
Click here for our frequently asked questions.

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