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Volunteer Testimonials

"They told me it would be hard but I never realized how hard it would be until I got home. My mentor made a world of difference."

- Mentee, Ecuador 2006

"It was incredibly satisfying to reconnect with the Peace Corps community."

- Mentor, Nepal 1982


Make it happen.

You've read the Volunteer testimonials. You know that nearly 100% of mentors in the pilot program said they'd participate again. And you're ready to make a commitment that will strengthen your ties to the RPCV community, keep your Peace Corps memories alive and enrich your life in ways you have yet to realize.

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I would like to be a mentor.

Great! Your guidance, experience and support will make a world of difference to a mentee, and his or her successful transition and continued commitment to the Peace Corps will be richly rewarding for you. All returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have been back at least a year from service are eligible.
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I would like to be a mentee.

Wonderful! We know the transition is tough, but you don't need to go it alone. From emotional support, to career guidance, to our vast network of people and resources, we hope that finding a mentor is the beginning of a fulfilling, lifelong relationship.
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