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Volunteer Testimonials

"They told me it would be hard but I never realized how hard it would be until I got home. My mentor made a world of difference."

- Mentee, Ecuador 2006

"It was incredibly satisfying to reconnect with the Peace Corps community."

- Mentor, Nepal 1982

All You Have To Do Is Ask

Got a question? Read through the FAQ below and if your issue isn’t addressed, let us know and we’ll do our best to get the information you need.

What is an Affiliate Group? The affiliates are RPCV member groups based primarily on geographical location or country of service. The groups coordinate Third Goal and social activities and may sponsor mentorship workshops.

How are mentors and mentees matched? Both mentors and mentees fill out a survey to help find a compatible match. Matches are made based on your priorities, whether they are related to your Peace Corps work, career path, geographical location or country of service, among other factors.

What kind of time commitment does this program require? For the most part, that’s up to you. Both mentors and mentees commit to participation for a minimum of four months, with a minimum of two hours committed to the program over at least three contacts. Face-to-face contact is encouraged, but online and telephone communication are acceptable.

As a mentor, what am I expected to do for my mentee? Provide emotional support, supply key networking contacts, share experiences and adjustment issues, assist with career planning and further education, and help him or her transition from serving abroad to serving at home.

What if my mentee/mentor lives in/moves to a different city or state? If you both desire, you can continue to work together remotely via phone and email. However, if you feel you need face-to-face contact you can request a new mentor/mentee.

What if my mentee has questions/problems that I can’t answer or solve? You aren’t expected to be able to answer everything, but we hope you’ll do your best to point your mentee in the right direction. The resources pages, available to registered mentors and mentees, may be able to help you out. Further, we will soon be implementing forums where you can ask for advice from other mentors and mentees. We also encourage you to remind your mentee about www.peacecorps.gov/rpcv, the Peace Corps website specific to returned Peace Corps Volunteers, which offers additional helpful information and free resources.

What kind of support network is in place for mentors? The affiliate groups function as a built-in support group. Beyond that we will be implementing online forums in the near future to allow mentors and mentees to share both stories and resources, to discuss problems, and assist one another.

What if my match doesn’t seem to be working? It can take time for you and your match to build the trust required to truly benefit from this program. Therefore, we ask that you are patient with each other, do your best to rise above the challenges, and work toward the goals of the mentor program. However, we understand that sometimes a match will not be right. In these cases, you can request the match be changed by contacting your affiliate group or NPCA.

What if I don’t feel that the mentor/mentee program is right for me, but I’d like to get involved with the NPCA some other way? NPCA would love your involvement in any of our programs. All returning volunteers are eligible for one year of free membership starting anytime in the first year back from service. Head over to the NPCA website to learn more about all of our programs.

Is there a way that I can contact someone regarding questions about the program or website? Yes. Please send an email to mentor@rpcv.org and someone will reply to your questions in a timely manner.

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